Clipper lighters were first introduced in Barcelona, Spain during 1970. It has been collecting praises since its launch due to refillable flint. Being a supplier of Clipper Lighter, we care for your money. Thus, we offer you a clipper lighter where smokers can change its flint or refill it, once it will be empty. This lighter not only protects the environment from wastage but also saves your money to purchase a new lighter. With us several colours and material body of clipper lighters are available. It has a child-resistant lock that will protect others from burning the lighter immediately. This lighter will provide your consistent height of the flame. We have huge stock available of Clipper Lighter for sale.

Uses of Clipper lighter
It is used to burn cigarettes, weed rolls, etc. Other than smoking products, other items can also be burnt with it.

Benefits of Clipper Lighter
Clipper lighter is the first refillable lighter with the option of replaceable flint.

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