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Corona extra beer is a Mexican beer that has been produced since 1925. It is a worldwide consumed drink with the flavour of lime & lime soda in it. The bottle is in transparent white colour, yet it contains yellow beer with tartness in it. This beer contains 4.6% of alcohol but 0% fats, which attracts multiple drinkers towards it. With the help of corona extra beer, you can prepare various mocktails. Many beer lovers, fancy corona extra beer as it is worldwide famous for its taste and benefits. As of now, there are very few brands that are giving tough competition to this brand. Being an exporter of corona extra beer, we provide you beer under a very affordable price range.

Uses of extra corona beer
It is used for the drinking purpose as it is an alcoholic drink.

Benefits of corona extra beer
It will prevent the diseases of kidney stones and keep your body healthy.

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