Whole Milk Powder (WMP) is a product that is produced from the milk by removing a partial portion of the water from the pasteurized milk. After that, it undergoes the evaporation process. While undergoing evaporation, it does not lose its components like other milk powders. It remains constant in nutrient terms and contains all the essential nutritious values such as vitamins, minerals, iron, zinc, copper, etc. We are the exporters of Whole Milk Powder globally. We choose multiple brands to provide you best quality while preparing the milk or other meals. We are leading whole milk powder for suppliers in The World

Uses of Whole Milk Powder
Those who want to prepare desserts, beverages, or other food items can use Whole Milk Powder. Moreover, you can also drink it like any other regular milk.

Benefits of Whole Milk Powder
During the evaporation process of milk powder, it does not lose its components & nutrients.

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